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Mountain Express Private Airport transfers, Train transfers, Ski transfers & Cycling transfers

 Linking  Geneva, Chambery, Lyon, Grenoble & Moutiers to all the Ski Resorts in the French Rhone Alpes.

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Mountain Express is a reputable, well established company that has been steadily built on the solid foundations of excellent service, quality vehicles and professional, well trained drivers.

Daily operations are overseen by the founder and owner with over 37 years of experience in logistics. This wealth of knowledge has been passed on to the team who understand the importance of providing a level of service and competence that our competitors simply can’t match.

When there is flight chaos in the airports and challenging conditions on the roads we know what we are doing. You could not be in safer, more experienced hands.

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France: 00 33 (0)4 79 41 93 56

UK: 00 44 (0)20 8089 3110

Geneva Airport (GVA) has the widest range of airlines offering the most frequent flight schedules and flights usually run on time or with very minor delays. Geneva airport transfers provide easy access to all the ski resorts of the Tarentaise, Portes du Soleil and Chamonix ski areas and our ski transfers from Geneva airport to the Tarentaise resorts of the Three Valleys, Paradiski and the Espace Killy are now better than ever thanks to the new autoroute to Annecy. From touchdown to transfer vehicle usually takes about 45 minutes during busy periods but can be as quick as 25 minutes during off peak times. Geneva ski transfers to the Tarentaise take in some breathtaking scenery and our drivers know a catalogue of short cuts to use according to the time of day and traffic conditions making this one of the best options for airport transfers to this region. For example a Geneva airport transfer to Meribel, Courchevel or Les Menuires normally takes about 2 hrs 20 mins on an average Saturday and on Sundays it can take less than 2 hrs! Flights into Geneva arrive from airports all round the world. UK flights include routes to the following airports; Birmingham, London Heathrow, London City, Gatwick, East Midlands, Jersey, Dublin, Liverpool airport and Leeds to name but a few. The French sector of Geneva airport is now redundant for international travellers so it is generally only used for internal French flights and those visiting French destinations north west of Geneva (non ski destinations).

Chambery Aix-les-Bains Airport (CMF) is the nearest airport to the Tarentaise which includes ski resorts such as Meribel, Courchevel, St Martin de Belleville, Les Menuires and Val Thorens. It’s downfall is it’s unreliability, particularly morning flights in early winter when it is plagued with fog which often results in horrendous delays or diversions to other airports such as Lyon or Grenoble. Usually flights arriving from lunchtime onwards are unaffected, and when it’s running well it’s great as there are virtually no customs delays and you and your baggage arrive in the same main terminal reception hall as your driver meets you in so you can be through and on your way in as little as 20 minutes. However, during busy half term and peak holiday Saturdays it can be chaos with long delays for luggage compounded by over zealous flight scheduling which means the terminal hall simply isn’t big enough to take the backlog of travellers. Once on your way a ski transfer from Chambery airport to Les Menuires, Meribel or Courchevel typically takes about 1 hr 45 mins except on busy Saturdays when the lack of good alternative routes to the main autoroute can mean journey times increase considerably. Our drivers can skirt round the worst of it as you near the Alps but it’s still quite slow going. The following UK airports run flights in to Chambery; Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol, Exeter, Norwich airport.

Lyon Airport (LYS) is known as Lyon-St Exupéry. Despite being a large international airport it copes badly with fog, otherwise it’s generally pretty good. It usually takes about 45 minutes from touchdown to heading off on your ski transfer from Lyon airport partly due to the 5-10 minute walk to the ski transfer minibus parking. Once on your way the journey can be a real drag with huge unpredictable delays on the autoroute making this one of our least favourite airports for Saturday travel throughout the whole of winter. Lyon airport transfers to Courchevel, Meribel or St Martin de Belleville would normally take about 2hrs on any day except Saturday when this can more than TRIPLE on peak Saturdays! Sunday transfers and weekday transfers are the best option for Lyon airport.

Grenoble Airport (GNB) known as Grenoble Isere, is an airport trying to build its business and in the winter it often bites off more than it can chew! That said when it’s all running on time it’s a nice airport and ski transfers are usually very easy with parking right next to the terminal and it’s a pleasant transfer to the Alps thanks to a variety of route options which our drivers are trained in, to dodge the worst of the traffic on busy Saturdays. Grenoble airport transfers to St Martin de Belleville, Meribel and Courchevel usually take about 2 hrs 15 mins in normal traffic. A good option for ski transfers from Grenoble airport is to book one of the late evening flights which are great for missing all the traffic and usually run on time due to the reduced air traffic. You can often find really good cheap flights through this airport with EasyJet and Ryan Air. The only real drawback to Grenoble airport is the lack of facilities (the food is terrible) which can be a frustration if there are flight delays. Flights arrive from the following UK & Ireland airports; Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Kerry, Nottingham, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Plymouth and Newquay airport.

If you have not yet booked your flights then this may help you make your mind up.

Our top travel tips: Sunday transfers or better still weekday transfers are a pleasure for both passenger and driver with airport delays down to a minimum on Sundays and flights often arriving early on weekdays. Traffic is also usually very light on these days resulting on significantly faster transfer journeys. For this reason our Winter tariffs are discounted for transfers on Sundays and weekdays. Add to this the benefit of being on the slopes on Saturday, the best day on the mountain, with rarely any lift queues and plenty of empty mountain restaurants as seemingly everyone else is travelling and all the season workers are busy with changeover duties and this becomes real all round value for money. Once you’ve travelled on a Sunday or weekday you won’t go back! If you have to travel on a Saturday try and find flights at obscure times. The mild inconvenience of getting up early or arriving late will normally be amply rewarded with an easier airport experience and significantly reduced transfer times.

Private Door to Door Airport Transfer Times on an average Saturday (for Sundays deduct 10%, for Weekdays deduct 15%)

Geneva Airport Transfer to....

Chambery Airport Transfer to...

Lyon Airport Transfer to...

Grenoble Airport Transfer to...

Bourg St Maurice - 2hrs 35mins

Bourg St Maurice - 2hrs 05mins

Bourg St Maurice - 2hrs 35mins

Bourg St Maurice - 2hrs 40mins

Brides Les Bains - 1hr 55mins

Brides Les Bains - 1hr 25mins

Brides Les Bains - 1hr 55mins

Brides Les Bains - 2hrs

Courchevel 1850 - 2hrs 40mins

Courchevel 1850 - 2hrs 10mins

Courchevel 1850 - 2hrs 40mins

Courchevel 1850 - 2hrs 45mins

Courchevel Le Praz - 2hrs 25mins

Courchevel Le Praz - 1hr 55mins

Courchevel Le Praz - 2hrs 25mins

Courchevel Le Praz - 2hrs 30mins

La Plagne (Centre) - 2hrs 45mins

La Plagne (Centre) - 2hrs 15mins

La Plagne (Centre) - 2hrs 45mins

La Plagne (Centre) - 2hrs 50mins

La Rosiere - 3hrs 15mins

La Rosiere - 2hrs 45mins

La Rosiere - 3hrs 15mins

La Rosiere - 3hrs 20mins

La Tania - 2hrs 35mins

La Tania - 2hrs 05mins

La Tania - 2hrs 35mins

La Tania - 2hrs 40mins

Les Arcs - 2hrs 55mins

Les Arcs - 2hrs 25mins

Les Arcs - 2hrs 55mins

Les Arcs - 3hrs

Les Menuires - 2hrs 35mins

Les Menuires - 2hrs 05mins

Les Menuires - 2hrs 35mins

Les Menuires - 2hrs 45mins

Meribel - 2hrs 30mins

Meribel - 2hrs

Meribel - 2hrs 30mins

Meribel - 2hrs 35mins

Mottaret - 2hrs 40mins

Mottaret - 2hrs 10mins

Mottaret - 2hrs 40mins

Mottaret - 2hrs 45mins

St Martin de Belleville - 2hrs 25mins

St Martin de Belleville - 1hr 55mins

St Martin de Belleville - 2hrs 25mins

St Martin de Belleville - 2hrs 30mins

Ste Foy - 3hrs

Ste Foy - 2hrs 30mins

Ste Foy - 3hrs

Ste Foy - 3hrs 5mins

Tignes (Lac) - 3hrs 15mins

Tignes (Lac) - 2hrs 45mins

Tignes (Lac) - 3hrs 15mins

Tignes (Lac) - 3hrs 20mins

Val d’Isere - 3hrs 20mins

Val d’Isere - 2hrs 50mins

Val d’Isere - 3hrs 20mins

Val d’Isere - 3hrs 25mins

Valmorel - 2hrs 25mins

Valmorel - 1hr 55mins

Valmorel - 2hrs 25mins

Valmorel - 2hrs 30mins

Val Thorens - 2hrs 45mins

Val Thorens - 2hrs 15mins

Val Thorens - 2hrs 45mins

Val Thorens - 2hrs 50mins

Geneva Airport Transfers

Chambery Airport Transfers

Lyon Airport Transfers

Grenoble Airport Transfers

Please note that these are approximate times which will vary considerably according to traffic and road conditions.

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